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  • Get your own branded MiniTV channel
  • Create and upload videos from home
  • Convert your fans into paying subscribers
  • Teach. Coach. Inspire.

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What is MiniTV ?

MiniTV is a mobile 1st, online video platform that helps you to get the best ROI from your video content. You too can create an exclusive MiniTV channel from home and start building a stream of subscription revenue around what you love doing.​​

MiniTV is brought to you by StageYou, Inc. a Florida based video tech venture specialized in Interactive Video-On-Demand technology.

Your Own Instant TV portal
Be your own boss with your personalized and branded portal. Upload pre-recorded or edited videos at your convenience and build your business from the comforts of your home.
Earn Subscription Revenue
Maximize your revenue by selling worldwide subscriptions. Pull traffic from your social media to convert your fans into premium subscribers.
Private and Exclusive
You own your content and it’s exclusively shared only with your paid subscribers. Your time, effort and creativity is invested in your own platform growth.
Pandemic-Proof Business Model
MiniTV is a 100% online business. You and your clients can access it from anywhere, anytime, using any device..

Your revenue starts from your very 1st subscriber.

MiniTV is designed to take your video content monetization to the next level.
you need to run a profitable video subscription business.
  • Securely upload pre-recorded videos.
  • Organize content into Video Series and Episodes
  • Charge monthly and sell subscriptions to access your content
  • Set your own price and receive instant payouts
  • Full admin control. It's your portal
  • Plug and Play - No tech team required!
MiniTV Revenue Calculator
*Estimate your revenue potential

How much are you willing to charge from your monthly subscribers? (many hosts aim between $25-50)

How many subscribers do you think you can enroll?

Estimated Monthly Revenue Potential


Estimated Annual Revenue Potential


*It's important to remember that these forecasted revenues are only an estimate. The actual values you will earn depend on multiple factors including your effort, influence, industry and quality of the content you produce.
Don't let social media burn you out. Start selling subscriptions.
Your video content is much more valuable than you think! Social media might burn you out with low ROI for the effort you put in. With MiniTV you can compliment your social media fans with exclusive paid content to create a healthy video subscription business.
  • Set your own price for monthly subscriptions.
  • Instant payouts through Stripe. No waiting period.
  • Sell one-time special videos and VIP packages.
Convert your videos in to Passive Recurring Revenue.
Let your videos work for you, even while you sleep! MiniTV gives you the tools to monetize your video content for the long term. Focus on creating high value video content and enjoy passive recurring revenue every month.
  • Upload pre-recorded videos. No anxiety. No hassle.
  • Resell the same content to multiple clients without any extra effort.
  • Create exclusive Video Series and Episodes to organize your content.
Boost your Personal Brand. Build a community around you.
Project the right brand image, to the right target group with your customized and branded MiniTV portal. Showcase your passion, expertise or knowledge to build an exclusive personal brand.
  • Reserve your premium brand name on minitv.world domain.
  • Fully customizable to represent your brand.
  • Let your VIP fans connect with you using advanced features such as VideoMail and LiveStream.
Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, Smart TV and beyond..
Any device, Any location, Anytime. Whenever you are ready!

MiniTV is up in the clouds. No downloading or installing required. Try how easy it is to instantly create your channel, upload videos and reach your audience from wherever you are, in your own schedule.

We believe that your talent deserves a better return.. because we believe in your talent!
Your video content will change someone’s life. Let your revenue be a byproduct of the impact you are making. MiniTV allows you to have a direct financial relationship with your fans so that they can value your effort and show their gratitude by being your premium clients. Go ahead and become the brand you are!